The day is Wednesday the 2nd of February 2005.

The Netherlands has not seen snow like this for the last 17 years. 800 kilometers traffic jam at 10.30 in the morning!

After confirming with the film crew and Def Jam we decide to hit the road regardless and pay a visit to one of the biggest grow-rooms in The Netherlands. We pick up everybody at the Grand Hotel in the center of Amsterdam close by The Greenhouse coffeeshop. Ofcourse a lot of equipment needed to be packed and everybody had to gather downstairs, which ALWAYS seems to take for ever in Amsterdam.

We had two cars, 1 Volvo s80 with all the extras (except for the remote control. Sorry @Luda), and a van with the film crew, friends and DTP crew.

Cris: -

Yo, What happened to the Benz?

Leaving from the center it was quite the drive through a snowstorm that did not intend to stop that day. The extras like traction control, etc on the Volvo did not seem to do anything either. However I can not even imagine how fucked it was to drive the van. hehe...

During the trip a couple police cars passed by and while driving, circeled around us a couple of times to get a glimpse of who/ what was in the car. Let me tell you. Driving to a grow-room, in a snow storm, high as hell, with Luda in the back and cop cars hangingaround you. You get a little nervous. However they pass on and exit the highway. 5 or 10 minutes from our location a third cop car comes along side of us, checking us out. Ludacris at this time punches his body-guard and says "Yo, wake up man, there's cops pulling us over".

LudacrisSince we had a NICE bag of weed on us, for the super joint we would roll later, it would have seriously sucked if we got pulled over. The cops cut in between me and the van, pull along side of them, peeped and eventually take the next exit of the highway...

Arrived at the complex it is still snowing a little but the weather has calmed down a bit. The enormous slide doors leave everyone's imagination going wild I can only assume. And once the doors open and the light pours through. A room full with the most beautiful plants appears. I think the reaction was something like "HOLY ISH...!!"

The part of the video that we will be shooting here is informative and the next Ludacris Single/Music Video called 'Blue Berry Yum Yum'.

We rolled up 2 serious huge joints for the crew which you will probably see back in the video getting puffed on by Luda. Half way through the shooting there was all of the sudden this serious need for snacks, snacks, snacks and it took 10 mins. to get back, back, back... "How you like them weird Dutch snacks guys..." Well regardless, the sugar levels were back up!

Since the crew needed to visit the CamsAtHome office, AND it was going to freeze on top of everything we needed to get back to Amsterdam a.s.a.p. [insert coming...]

Everything worked out fine. And we still alive! We dropped everybody off and carried the equipment inside. Coming in I get instantly flashed, FRONTAL and TOTAL, skirt lift that knocked me right the fuck over. Believe you me when i say them girls here are absolutely out of control!! [insert coming...]

Rumor goes the crew was SMOKED OUT! (Just the way we like it!)

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